OP Series LED Grow Light


OP series our newest LED grow light.

It comes with three main feature. 

  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Price

With 4x OP-150 we are getting 2,93 μmol/J.

You can see the 4x OP-150

It is on a platform, you can see from behind:

Weight: 17,6 kg

Not a single number is a ad. All real. Fully money back guaranteed if any number does not match.

High Red Density Spectrum

We are talking about really benefical for flowering and fruiting plants specially during flower stage. And you can also use OP Series during germination with more canopy area.

OP Series Full Spectrum LED

The graphic you see above is directly from our test facility.

And please look at the vertical chart. 

Above 2.

Also and most importantly check the horizontal.

After 600nm, needed mostly in flowering stage.

Highest density. You'll be very pleased when harvesting.

Also a bit suprised when you open the box.

It is powerful yet practical.

OP-150 is weights 4kg or 9 pound.

There is another test result a bit more complicated and over-whelming.




Fast Shipment

With in 24 hours from your order it will be on the way with DHL.

EU 3-5, US 5-7 business day delivery.

3 Years Warranty.


OP Series have IP65 grade waterproof protection.

Can be even used outdoors all season without any water damage.

And this comes very handful when we are using grow tent and forget or brake the humidity machine.

Also solid build nothing jiggling around.

Aliminum injection case.

No fan.

No vibration.

No hum.

Passive cooling.


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